McDonalds Jobs – Should You Apply In Person Or Online

Workers hoping to land entry level jobs by filling out Mcdonalds job application online are using their heads and saving fuel. In this day and age, many things are done electronically and job seeking online is all the rage and benefits both the guy looking for work and employers.

There are always a variety of types of jobs at McDonalds available based on your qualifications where it makes sense to apply online and crew member is the most popular.

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How To Apply for a Job at McDonalds

Regardless of your age, here are some valuable tips to get an edge over all other crew member candidates after filling out McDonalds online applications:

1. Pick and choose at least two McDonald’s restaurants you would like to work in, and concentrate your efforts on getting hired by one of them.

2. Give your appearance a check-over; make sure your hair is neat, or get a haircut, trim your nails, figure out what you will wear when you visit the restaurants to get one of those McDonalds jobs.  Wear something not too casual but not too dressy; the trick here is to look neat and professional.  For men, wear neatly-pressed slacks with dress shoes (black or brown) and a crisply-ironed long-sleeved shirt (tie optional).  For women, an understated professional-looking dress with light-colored panty hose and low-to-medium heeled shoes should do the trick.   As an alternative, you can use neatly-pressed slacks and a blouse.

3. Visit them during non-peak hours, to ensure the manager is not too busy.

4. When you walk into the restaurant, ask to speak to the manager. If that doesn’t work right away ask if you can set an appointment to speak with the manager.  Nine times out of ten, the restaurant manager or assistant manager will take a minute or two to talk to you. Tell them you are highly interested in joining their team, explain that you already filled out an online job application and that you would be interested in working at McDonalds and why.

5. After a few days you will either get a call back from them or you will find yourself waiting for the call; give them a week, and politely follow up by calling them (don’t visit them just yet) and repeat the fact that you are really interested in a job with them.

6. If that still doesn’t work after two weeks, visit them personally once again and politely ask once again. If you are turned down, ask the manager or assistant manager to call you should a position become available.

7. Expand your opportunities and repeat the above sequence until you find the job you want.

Stay determined and you will see that there are McDonalds jobs available to you in your area.

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